Solution-Partner der WeAre GmbH

transfers your 3D-Files into #VirtualReality !

With the beginning of March 2018, eXatrade.de offers VR-Technology in behalf of WeAre GmbH , Berlin.


We strongly believe that this technology will be your enabler for virtual meetings and product development.
Various szenarios for using WeAre´s technology to collaborate with your collegues AND business partners exist!


Here at eXatrade we call "VirtualReality"  = "#agileVR" as organizations might overthink their internal processes when using this technology, too. Abreast with WeAre GmbH - we will anaylse your situation and give you a qualified feedback about the implementation-process once in touch.

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Zusammenarbeit globaler Teams in VR
Mehrere Standorte – ein gemeinsamer Raum, Realistische 3D-Modelle zum Greifen nah, Intuitives Nutzererlebnis durch spielerische Anwendbarkeit #VirtualReality
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Work together on your product designs using Interactive CAD-Viewer directly and intuitively in VR, with the same ease as creating a text document.

By transferring standard online meeting functionalities into a new dimension, WeAre raises the bar, adding the ability to physically interact with 3D objects within a virtual environment, in addition to real-time voice and text messaging.

Imagine you use a Virtual Meeting Tool for your Sales members.

Real-time 3D model viewing, interaction and editing at your fingertips.

WeAre provides all the tools our business partner require in a face-to-face meeting.


  • cutting costs by decreasing your employees traveling
  • "Ecological Correctness" - only fruitful and essential meetings e.g. first contact should be considered
  • Better Work Life Balance as employees have less stress and more time for effective work
  • reduce of security risks by travelling less
  • For product-design and construction, VR-meetings can be much more efficient in early stage



  • VR-glasses [available at getgroover]
  • Computer with powerful GPU
  • stable Internet-connection [min 5.000 Kbps]

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